Intelligent system to manage power Consumption  & Saving in Electricity Bills. Extensively applicable to Office, Bank , Small &2 Star Hotels Premises, Small Scale Industrie

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Nucleus Series: Intelligent Energy (Power) Saving Systems

Models :
NSS-18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72, 90

Configuration :-
Range from 18 KVA TO 90 KVA

Three Phase Rating :
415 V (4 Wire)



Nucleas Series image 2


Key Specification :-

  • An Intelligent & efficient system to manage power consumption, measuring, controlling & saving the electricity bills
  • Eliminates harmonic, unbalance & reactive power with new & unique Triple wound Energy Saving Transformer, which uses Zigzag ATW Technology.
  • Reduction in kWh/units consumption & Demand Charges
  • Short circuit and over load total protection by MCB/MCCB.
  • >99% efficiency, losses recorded to 0.02% per kVA
  • Bottom - Top entry with gland plate. Input and Output terminals special cable chamber and bus bar terminations
  • Selectable setting and suits to site conditions for percentage saving
  • Device with UPI impregnated high efficiency transformer coils
  • Under voltage / over voltage automatic bypass system
  • Low payback period between 10 to 18 months
  • Easy to install and no changes in your existing fittings and fixtures
  • Digital Multifunction Meter
  • No moving parts, therefore Zero Maintenance
  • Life of Equipment more than 30 years
  • Systems available for indoor and outdoor facility