Elconn Offers wide range energy saving products are extensively applicable varied customers. Elconn is designed to address power quality and electricity savings for commercial, industrial and institutional application. It can easily installed for the entire facility and distribution regardless of the Plant's or Building (Premises) size, Availability of space, Voltage or frequency

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Elconn Energy Saving Transformer & Systems Constructions:

Elconn Energy Saving Transformers & Systems Constructions

Elconn Energy Saving Transformers & Systems Constructions

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The Elconn Advantage

Reliable, accurate data……

No matter what your application involves, at the end of the day it all comes down to effecting monitoring, tracking & saving of energy, based on the readings. Elconn is the connoisseur in this stream and has a reputation in providing the most reliable solutions and the accurate data under some of the world’s toughest environmental conditions.

Simple, Cost-effective Solutions

At Elconn, we realize our customer’s needs as their technology budgets can widely vary; hence our products are indigenously designed on the basic user-friendly concept with state-of-the art International Technology at the most affordable cost.


We make available a dedicated team of intelligent but friendly engineers and representatives who are competent enough to recommend the customized solutions that correct errors in power consumption and provide quality power so that energy utility is maintained at an optimal level at all times.