Guaranteed saving….. it is not what we are saying it our clients who are saying this, what else do we need to testify the same

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Guaranteed Savings

Guaranteed saving….. it is not what we are saying it our clients who are saying this, what else do we need to testify the same. We client’s place after installations, commissioning & handovers to get our guaranteed savings proclamation reflected actually by monitoring their subsequent bills also.

Guaranteed SavingsElconn does not ONLY Guarantee by is committed to its guarantees which usually involves a high amount of risk factor but we are sure about our proclamations. We are always faced with the question of whether a Project will surely deliver Return On Investments (ROI) due to the financial returns predicted.

All of you, as a general psychology, would like to review our Case Studies of already installed Projects before committing and confirming Elconn Energy Saving Management Solution. You will surely get the clear picture of the saving’s levels by scrutinizing our authentic Case Studies, The savings level can vary even at the same optimization level this is because different equipment will show different savings levels after an installation.

Bearing all these aspects in mind for your commercial comfort we guarantee that the overall savings level for Elconn Energy Saving Management Solution Project will be cent percent achieved as per the estimated Returns On Investment (ROI) as quoted to you independently for you individual Projects.

Remain Connected…..

After Sale Research & Analysis-

As the guarantee involves our ethics and value for our words, we inturn also take the extra initiative by remaining connected. After commissioning and handover we still remain connected to you, by taking into consideration and extend our scope of service by continuing to conduct further research, evaluate your savings, analyze and study your subsequent bills thereby maintaining a regular Track of the actual Savings and a keep you updated with a confirmed savings which is something different and will also delight you.

Elconn has an ethical way of doing its business and is committed to honoring its average minimum guarantee whereby incase if a guaranteed saving does not materialize we have a 90 days money back minimum average savings guarantee as per ”Elconn’s Saving Profile” on the basis of Statistical Path Analysis (SPA).

A pay back period of 8 to 18 months is guaranteed for the Returns on Investment.