Our Energy Monitoring and Saving Equipment are built on the principle of "you can′t manage what you don′t measure”

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Measurement and Verification

Elconn’s each and every Project is evaluated by analysts at the base office after scrutinizing the data gathered from your site in the form of Energy Survey Audit Reports. This unique methodology of data collection and evaluation builds a confirmed confidence with our clients that their individual projects have been accurately evaluated and therefore this makes them rely on Elconn. Our Energy Monitoring and Saving Equipment are built on the principle of "you can′t manage what you don′t measure”.

We follow the simple rule of : Measure, Monitor and Manage.

  • Measuring and Monitoring will involve intricate tasks undertaken at the initial level. Accurate study of what is your present power consumption, voltage, load, applications / electrical gadgets connected, penalties on power factor, tracking and deriving modes of controlling energy wastages, current level of energy use, current operating procedures, etc.
  • Verification happens through onsite reports and surveys conducted.

From your measured and verified data data taken, we are able to point out the locations in your Plant/Premises/Building/Office area where energy is being wasted. This information and related electrical readings/data will be analyzed and which will result into a comprehensive computer generated report. In conjunction with the technical information, we include a cost/payback schedule. At the time of our presentation, we will go over the entire report alongwith you, answering any and all of your questions. If you wish, your engineering staff or utility representatives may be present during that time, to help verify our claims and projected savings.

The Energy Audit Survey is conducted by us totally “FREE OF COST/CHARGES/EXTRA EXPENSES” irrespective of whether you place the order with us or not.

Finally our Guaranteed Savings by evaluating your Annual Bills and confirmed Returns on Investments is what gives us an edge in our services rendered.