Energy Crisis

EARTH IS FACING A SEVERE CRISIS & the valuable power resources are required to be essentially saved by each one of us. This is the Global need of the hour.

If we do not start thinking on this aspect now who will & when??

Every individual, every corporate, every industry, every commercial unit or name any sector, all contribute towards their emissions into the environment.

On one hand we lack adequate secure supplies of affordable electricity and on the other we are faced with consuming too much of it. Further to this our contribution towards the environmental harms of emissions and the resultant impact of our activities on the same also counts.

Added to this, power losses occur at all levels of production, transmission, distribution & consumption. We may not have thought on this perspective, but the fact is, personal or commercial, power wastage occurs regularly, you only need to look around to see it. We urgently require an efficient system to conserve such wastes which is today's energy imperative. After all, this waste directly creates an impact on us in the form of inadequate power supply, higher bills, higher tariff and inferior quality of power or even concern about our future energy security.


Now to save electricity do not switch off. Instead switch on Elconn : Empowering Solutions for Power Saving

Elconn is one of the most prominent Power Management and Energy Saving Solution provider, a company committed to the ethical cause of saving electricity through its various technology offerings. Our operations are spread across India as well in the Global market. We at Elconn have been providing technology solutions to Hospitality, Banking, Corporate, Educational, Government, Industrial, Commercial and many other segments. Elconn Group Companies are into business since 4 decades. We are the specialists, so our clients count upon us for the Energy Saving Management Solutions, which does not only include monitoring, measuring, managing, detecting losses and wastages of electricity, installing, commissioning, testing and handing over but also saves your electric bills.

What a nice way to be associated to two causes :

  • A Noble cause - Save Electricity... Save Earth
  • Financial Profit - Save Units... Save Bills.

We are into manufacturing of intelligent Power Transformers using international technology in integration with a software that helps the user to monitor and have an entire track record of the consumption of electricity from anywhere in the world.

We make available a dedicated team of intelligent but friendly engineers and representatives who are competent enough to recommend customized solutions that correct errors in power consumption so that energy utility is maintained at an optimal level at all times. The Equipment is maintenance free but our representatives are capable to handle any unanticipated crisis situations also.

Ever given a thought...

Ideally statics show that Mumbai is the only city that pays enormous per unit cost for Electricity consumed compared to any city across the globe. But today not a single being is concerned as nobody has the time to think on this aspect or possibly are not aware or the top level management does not have access to the final monthly electricity bills and we only realize the same when it leads to whooping bill payments. Then starts the questioning... but now Elconn is here to care for you!!!

Your Energy efficient place can act as an Energy Saver by just taking simple steps following an Energy Audit Survey of your premises / plant / office, etc. and you can easily save up to 25% on your Energy Bills.

Call us today for a free Energy Audit Survey followed by an expert Energy Saving Management Solution ideally meant for you.

"Remember... Your wasted Energy is somebody´s need....Anonymous"

Therefore a best decision maker needs to say, YES!! We need Elconn Energy Management Solution today.