Elconn Products are designed  and engineered in different range of energy saving equipments. Accessing the specific requirement of the site and tailoring application to suite through our acclaimed project led approach

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Our Products

Elconn Energy Saving Systems are produced using high-grade materials and advanced production methodologies by us, that make them highly reliable and durable in nature. Our production engineers are well versed with the intricacies of the production processes and strive to present a range of flawless products to you

Products Range:

  • Energy (Power) Savers : - 18kVA to 2000kVA Capacity applicable in different Models: Nucleus, Elumax, Elixir, PowerEx & ElcoLux


Nucleus Series


Elumax Series


Elixir Series


PowerEx Series


Elcolux Series

  • Energy Monitoring Systems (EMS) Software - Sophisticated systems can be engineered using Eltrak a Power Analyser Through Network software which allows to monitor the power consumption load at any given time, correcting wastages, facilitating remote monitoring from any location and generating various types of reports


  • APFC & Power Panels Manufacturing
  • Lighting Solution in LEDs
  • Energy Audit & Management Services
  • Electronic Ballasts & Motion Sensors
  • VFDs & Invertors
  • Energy Managed Services ( Turnkey Projects)

Equipment Features & Quality Assurance...

Elconn's Equipment Features and Quality Assurance ensure the best for all and involves the following:

  • Comprehensive Total Package with analyzing, designing, manufacturing, supplying, installing, testing, commissioning and handing over.
  • Enhancing Power quality and eliminating losses & wastages
  • Recurring & advantage savings in Electricity bills upto 25%
  • Capacitor Banks : Improves power factor incrementally and by maintaining unity power factor you can get 7% incentive from the Service Provider.
  • Reduces Harmonics to an acceptable level.
  • Nominal life expectancy of the system, by design, is 30 years.
  • Upstream Effects of any electrical facility like -
    • Filtration of Harmonics
    • Current Reduction
    • Reduce Line Losses
    • Improvement Of Power Factor
    • Filters Surges and Transients
    • Increasing Short Circuit Availability
  • Downstream Effects of any electrical facility like -
    • Voltage Improvements
    • Line losses Due To Voltage Imbalance.
  • Sophisticated Systems can be engineered using Eltrak Lan based Energy Monitoring Software System to track the power losses & wastages and generating various important reports as follows :
    • Live Energy Saving reports
    • Auto mailing & SMS alert facility
    • Generates all types of reports, trends & alarms
    • Offers online alarm, for convenience, if values are about to exceed set minimum and maximum limit viz. P.F., I & V, M.D. & T.H.D.
    • Auto backup & data reference feature
    • Access reports from anywhere in the world
  • Our System can be installed without changing the consumption pattern or any existing electric connections.
  • Zero defect status with inbuilt quality assurance checkpoints.
  • Stringent Quality Control measures

A Total Packaged Solution...

We have a packaged solution for all your requirements which works on the theory of Measure> Monitor> Manage which means one cannot manage anything until it is monitored and measured. Elconn Energy Monitoring and Saving Equipment use energy information as a basis to eliminate wastages, reduce and control current level of energy use and improve the existing operating procedures. Our highly qualified and trained technical team of experts shall visit your site and analyze the power consumption by conducting Energy Audit Surveys. They shall study the actual power usage and work proficiently towards eliminating the wastages and losses in the Power supply, develop innovative applications that will help save the energy bills and the emission levels extensively which will be-fit the existing setup without incurring extra expenditure. Customized Power Saving Transformers shall be provided as per your requirement, to be used for over 20 to 25 years.

Our Services...

Corporate Support Management & Crisis Management...

The best customer psychology arises from the word "Customer Satisfaction" which is a must for any business. We are the experts so you can count upon us for the Energy Saving Management Solutions. We make available a dedicated team of intelligent but friendly engineers and representatives who are competent enough to recommend the customized solutions that correct errors in power consumption so that power quality and energy utility is maintained at an optimal level at all times. The Equipment is maintenance free but our representatives are capable to handle any unanticipated crisis situations also. To sum up the above involves the following approach :

Stepwise Systematic Solution...

  • Energy Audit Surveys
  • Scrutiny and intricate study of the data gathered of an annual period, by our experts
  • Measure & Monitor the consumption
  • Preliminary measurements, Cable Laying and ground work for serially connecting the Equipment to the mains.
  • Sophisticated Systems can be engineered and integrated using Eltrak Lan based Energy Monitoring Software (EMS) System to track the power losses & wastages and generating various important reports
  • Installing, Commissioning, testing & handing-over

The above is what we call as the ultimate solution for you to be satisfied, which is the most important part.

Remain Connected.....

After commissioning and handing over we still remain connected to you by taking into consideration something which is beyond our scope i.e. we continue to conduct further research & analysis by studying your subsequent bills maintaining a regular Track of the actual Savings and a keep you updated about the confirmed savings which is happening at your premises, all this is something different and also will delight you as our existing clients.