Elconn is one of the most prominent Power Management and Energy Saving Solution provider and our operations are spread across India as well in the Global market

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Elconn is one of the most prominent Power Management and Energy Saving Solution provider and our operations are spread across India as well in the Global market. Elconn’s Group Companies are into the Market since past 4 decades and their constant endeavors are to create awareness about Energy Saving, provide Energy Saving Management Solutions, innovations and providing various solutions in the field of Energy Saving. Elconn‘s group company, Chhabi Electricals, is India’s most preferred company in the field of DC Power Solutions since past four decades. It has been supplying a variety of standard as well as customized DC Power solutions to all types of Power Stations, Distribution and Industrial applications.

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Chhabi is a registered and approved vendor with all the major engineering consultants, thanks to its capability to handle customization and unmatched execution skills. Export to more than 26 countries has broadened our geographical reach, apart from our pan India presence, with installations of more than 10,000 Systems

Elconn group is a company specifically and continuously working on innovative solutions with a focus to a common goal which is to contribute towards the Power Conservation Globally

This equipment can be integrated with our specially developed software ELTRAK (EMS- Energy Monitoring System) software that helps you to monitor and have an entire track record of the power consumption on daily basis and finally generate various types of reports

For your further benefit ELCONN has designed and patented the unique ATW Autowinding ´Zigzag´ technology to reduce power consumption and also reduce electricity bills by increasing the efficiency of equipments and eliminating the power quality problems of harmonics, unbalance and reactive power by using this technology.

In any Commercial or Industrial establishment loss of power actually results in higher power consumption and this could happen due to various reasons like

  • Unbalanced Voltage
  • Unbalanced Current
  • Harmonics
  • Lower Power Factor
  • Voltage Fluctuations
  • Old / Inefficient Equipments
  • Magnetic Core Saturation
  • Losses in Distribution System
  • In - rush Current
  • Transients & Impulses
  • Brownouts etc.

These problems may not only result increased power consumption, but also may damage your connected equipment, which may disrupt the entire operations thereby affecting the production and ultimately resulting in escalated losses.

We have the expertise in rectifying all the above and resolving any problems which amplify power consumption resulting in increased electricity bills. We provide the most convenient solutions to the most complicated situations and therefore have established ourselves with a dynamic growth prototype along with stability.

We have been providing technology solutions to Hospitality, Banking, Corporate, Educational, Government, Industrial, Commercial and many other segments since 4 decades. With the remarkable support and reliability of our clients we have managed to create a strong presence in the field of Energy Conservation which is the need of the hour.

We shall further keep on endeavoring for Energy Conservation till the awareness spreads contagiously throughout the Globe.

Our strategic alliance with the world leader ‘Emerson’ has helped to offer world class modular DC systems to our customers.