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Eltrak EMS (Energy Monitoring System)

Eltrak EMS (Energy Monitoring System) Software allows you to monitor the power consumption load at any given time. With our advanced software, remote monitoring is possible from any location and helps generate different reports.


  • Built in functionality to publish live data with graphics, trends, Recipes, reports, Alarms etc, on Internet / Intranet with bi-directional connectivity.
  • Built in functionality to send E-mails with attachment at pre defined time, alarm or event.
  • Inbuilt easy to use reports in MS-Excel, Word, RTF, and HTML / XML formats.
  • Security enabled.

Sophisticated Systems can be engineered using Eltrak web based Energy Monitoring Software /System to tracking the power losses / wastages for taking corrective actions. The system is running as a secured internet application.

EMS System


The Reports are fully user configurable and are generated in Microsoft Excel which makes them easily configurable. It is also possible to integrate Production Data into the system through SCADA Technology. Hence the user can also compare power with production and find out the Total Power Consumption per tonnage of Production. This is the most useful feature of EMS.

The following is a list of some sample reports that can be generated:

Electrical Log Sheet: The user can generate hourly logs of various parameters like voltage, current and powers. Hence manual

Main feature

User friendly Environment : Windows Reports

1 System can create Hourly, Daily, weekly, monthly, Yearly, report or as required by User. Provide Daily Peak load of Substation Feeders. Daily Log sheet for the System. Time Stamping for logged parameters of Energy meters such As Voltage, Current, Power-factor Alarm / Event feature. Facility to Export Data to other application software. Web Enabled feature.