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Health & Safety:

We place highest priority on the health and safety of your work force, on the protection of your assets and on safe guarding the environment.

The Elconn engineers survey the entire electrical infrastructure of your site and leaving no room for any compromise. At Elconn it is not about for product its about keeping people healthy & Safe. The Safety & health of our people is the principle consideration in the framing of our policies and all our business activities.

Specification :


3 Phase


Floor Mounting

Input voltage Level

400 to 415 V AC 50 H2/60 H2

Output voltage Level

385 V to 400 V adjustable by IV adjustable by IV per step


> 99%

Wave distortion


Response Tune

< 40 ms

Display & control Panel

LCD Display multifunction meter shows Input voltage, current power(KWH),P.F.,KVA,KVAR

LED Indications

Main Power ON
R-Y-B Phase ON
Saving Mode ON
By Pass Mode ON


1. Complete short circuit over load protection through MCB/MCCB/ACD/SFU
2. Over Voltage : If output voltage is about 430 V for 5 seconds the system will initiate automatic shutdown.
3. Under Voltage : If input voltage falls below 395V for 5 seconds the system will automatically enter by-pass state activate the alarm.
4. Manual By-pass changeover switch.

Data Transmitted

RS485 interface or wireless(optional)

Insulation Class

Class ‘F’ & ‘H’


3KV line to earth


Air Natural (AN) Free Flow Air

Ambient Temperature

-5 to 60c


Om 95%

Case Ingress Standard

IS 111 71, IS2026, IP 22

Casing Colour

Post Office Red with White Elconn Logo & Stickers

System Sizes

Refer our technical page.

System Reliability

Innovation in the design & manufacturing processes have allowed the Elconn Unit to achieve these very high levels of efficiency & performance.

The Elconn System has been designed with no moving parts or electronics. The insulator used in Class ‘F’ & ‘H’ the efficiency of Elconn Energy Saver is >99%. The high efficiency of the design means there is negligible heat loss with no requirement for temperatures sensing or forced cooling. As a result the System sustains very little degradation over the life time and performance is affected.

The efficiency of the Elconn System is manufactured through the purity & processing of the copper windings. These factors ensure that the Elconn Unit actives a peak efficiency of 99.56%.