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ST SERIES P136, S136, P236, A236,H1250 (ACTIVE 7 PASSIVE)

Applicable over 150 models (active & Passive) of Ballast for CFL,PL,FTL, Metal Halide, Sodium, Mercury, Halogen Lamps, Dimmable & Non Dimmable etc.

Key Specifications: :-

  • Confirm energy saves up to 46.61%
  • Wide voltage range 100V AC to 270V AC
  • Starts at very low voltae-100V AC
  • Instant star, no flicker, no starter, no humming sound
  • Power factor >0.95, Low TDR <10%
  • Higher CRI, true light color
  • Warm start <1.5 seconds
  • Diffuse tube protection
  • Low total harmonic co-efficient product
  • Intelligent controllers in the circuit
  • Confirm to IS-13021 standard
  • International quality
  • Completely safe, Maintenance Free
  • Avail 80% depreciation U/S 32 of Income Tax Act 1961